Meet The Go To Girl

Photo of Molly Klauber

Go To Girl was established in Sarasota, Florida in 2011. In 2012,  Molly Klauber Biter, the founder of Go To Girl, was a finalist for "Best Female Entrepreneur" and was named the winner of "Best Young Professional" by SRQ Magazine. In 2014, Go To Girl expanded to the Jacksonville area but still has a strong focus on the Sarasota area. Since Go To Girl offers many services that are performed remotely, any small business or non-profit can take advantages of the great services offered. 

Mrs. Biter has experience in the fine dining restaurant industry as well as the catering, marketing, retail, non-profit and sales industries. Mrs. Biter says of her venture, “I have had the great fortune of being raised in the hospitality industry with several prominent family owned and operated businesses in which to gain my experience such as Michael's on East, Pattigeorge’s, Polo Grill and Bar, and The Colony Beach and Tennis Resort.” Restaurant management roles at other outstanding establishments such as Selva Grill, Zoria, and Libby's Cafe and Bar allowed Mrs. Biter to further hone her team leadership, productivity oversight, marketing, and creative skills. Mrs. Biter’s work in large-scale concert and event catering with Schmooze Inc., followed by nearly a year in disaster relief catering after the devastating Hurricane Katrina along the Gulf Coast, allowed for her to develop a highly efficient and valuable service “on-the-go” and help to inspire her business. Since 2014, she has also been running an initiative for Gulf Coast Community Foundation ( which focuses on helping entrpreneurs get connected to reach their "next step".